Kudos for Learning SPARQL

"I buy it and give it away at every course I teach on the semantic web. It is a well-written and entirely practical way into this world. You can explore a significant portion of the concepts without having to set anything up. I have seen no better way to get started."

- Brian Sletten, Bosatsu Consulting and author of Resource-Oriented Architecture Patterns for Webs of Data

"You really did a great job. Not only does your book explain SPARQL well but also all the 'semantic web stuff' around it. I'm using it right now at a customer site."

- Jans Aasman, President and CEO, Franz Inc.

"It's excellent—very well organized and written, a completely painless read. I not only feel like I understand SPARQL now, but I have a much better idea why RDF is useful (I was a little skeptical before!)."

- Priscilla Walmsley, author of O'Reilly's "XQuery"

"A full introduction to SPARQL is out of the scope of this book. For the interested reader, we recommend 'Learning SPARQL'."

- Jose Emilio labra Gayo, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Iovka Boneva, Dimitris Kontokostas, Validating RDF

" In case you seriously want to use SPARQL, then buy the book 'Learning SPARQL' 2nd edition"

- Hans Teijgeler

"Highly recommended for anybody consuming GoodRelations data."

- Martin Hepp

"It's a really a great book. I feel like I GET it. It's not only improved my understanding of SPARQL but also of RDF's possibilities."

- Ruth Kitchin Tillman, Metadata Librarian at NASA Goddard

"Well organized, progresses well and has great examples."

- Dave McComb, Semantic Arts

"With SPARQL, the semantic web has its SQL, and is definitely the richer for it. And with the publication of Bob's book, all the more so."

- Edd Dumbill

"It is an excellent text. I keep a copy on my desk and use it regularly!"

- Susannah Barnes, Metadata Analyst

"An excellent introduction for those who want to start using this powerful tool."

- "Free Your Data" blog

"It comprehensively leads one through the why and wherefore of SPARQL and provides a thorough grounding in the vocabulary and practice of employing SPARQL to start to benefit from the growing world of Linked Data."

- Shawn Day

"I had always know that SPARQL would be similar to SQL due to the fact that they are both query languages, but I did not realize how powerful SPARQL queries could be and all the great functions that are provided in the language until reading Bob DuCharme book Learning SPARQL."

- David Witherspoon

"This is a good book for developers who know how to program, ideally know SQL, and who want to find out about SPARQL. It has plenty of well-constructed examples, and should get you well on the way to being able to use SPARQL in your apps."

- Kay Ewbank in I Programmer

"For a good introduction to SPARQL, I recommend Bob DuCharme's Learning SPARQL."

- Steve Baskau in SPARQL: the weirdness of unnamed graphs