"I buy it and give it away at every course I teach on the semantic web. It is a well-written and entirely practical way into this world. You can explore a significant portion of the concepts without having to set anything up. I have seen no better way to get started."

- Brian Sletten, Bosatsu Consulting and author of Resource-Oriented Architecture Patterns for Webs of Data

"You really did a great job. Not only does your book explain SPARQL well but also all the 'semantic web stuff' around it. I'm using it right now at a customer site."

- Jans Aasman, President and CEO, Franz Inc.

"It's excellent—very well organized and written, a completely painless read. I not only feel like I understand SPARQL now, but I have a much better idea why RDF is useful (I was a little skeptical before!)."

- Priscilla Walmsley, author of O'Reilly's "XQuery"

"A full introduction to SPARQL is out of the scope of this book. For the interested reader, we recommend 'Learning SPARQL'."

- Jose Emilio labra Gayo, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Iovka Boneva, Dimitris Kontokostas, Validating RDF

" In case you seriously want to use SPARQL, then buy the book 'Learning SPARQL' 2nd edition"

- Hans Teijgeler

"Highly recommended for anybody consuming GoodRelations data."

- Martin Hepp

"It's a really a great book. I feel like I GET it. It's not only improved my understanding of SPARQL but also of RDF's possibilities."

- Ruth Kitchin Tillman, Metadata Librarian at NASA Goddard

"Well organized, progresses well and has great examples."

- Dave McComb, Semantic Arts

"With SPARQL, the semantic web has its SQL, and is definitely the richer for it. And with the publication of Bob's book, all the more so."

- Edd Dumbill

"It is an excellent text. I keep a copy on my desk and use it regularly!"

- Susannah Barnes, Metadata Analyst

"An excellent introduction for those who want to start using this powerful tool."

- "Free Your Data" blog

"It comprehensively leads one through the why and wherefore of SPARQL and provides a thorough grounding in the vocabulary and practice of employing SPARQL to start to benefit from the growing world of Linked Data."

- Shawn Day

"I had always know that SPARQL would be similar to SQL due to the fact that they are both query languages, but I did not realize how powerful SPARQL queries could be and all the great functions that are provided in the language until reading Bob DuCharme book Learning SPARQL."

- David Witherspoon

"This is a good book for developers who know how to program, ideally know SQL, and who want to find out about SPARQL. It has plenty of well-constructed examples, and should get you well on the way to being able to use SPARQL in your apps."

- Kay Ewbank in I Programmer

"For a good introduction to SPARQL, I recommend Bob DuCharme's Learning SPARQL."

- Steve Baskau in SPARQL: the weirdness of unnamed graphs

Recent tweets about "Learning SPARQL":

@belett Un classique. En anglais et un peu long pour ce que je recherche mais cela reste une valeur sure. 13 Feb 2023

@tmtn Ask @bobdc @LearningSPARQL that book has all the answers 13 Oct

@matthew_inamdar Just finished the @LearningSPARQL book! A brilliant read and definitely recommended. 31 Jul

@lubianat 💻💻 Semantic web twitter 💻💻
What are the good books for learning SPARQL beyond @LearningSPARQL? 20 Jun

@rhizome Incredible feeling to have our ArtBase work used as an example by the author of Learning SPARQL himself 🥰* 23 May

@linkedktk I did read Working Ontologist which has a great intro but most I learned from @LearningSPARQL. I think it's important to get hands dirty fast and make sure what you model can be queried easily. If this is not the case you probably overengineered for your use case 27 Apr

@kushaldas Oh, just in case you want to learn SPARQL, the book @LearningSPARQL is the best resource I found :) 10 Feb

@epos http://learningsparql.com I bought the dead-tree version of this to read at leisure when away from the computer. @LearningSPARQL

It now also lies on my desk as a reference. 30 Jan 2022

@modelreduction #SPARQL is super powerful, and the book "Learning SPARQL": oreilly.com/library/
by @bobdc via @OReillyMedia is an awesome resource covering many aspects of RDF querying. See also @LearningSPARQL 8 Dec

@RacNets The best way to learn RDF, SPARQL and LinkedData: Just do it. I'm building my first ontology and triple store for courses @MPI_EvolBio from scratch and heaving prepared with the excellent @LearningSPARQL by @bobdc: Hurray, it works! 22 Sep

@heald_j Does the BM still offer a SPARQL service ?
Might be useful, now the collection webpages use the same IDs.
(And yes, @bobdc 's book is excellent) 8 Jun

@NicoMatentzoglu Just re-read @LearningSPARQL despite working with the language for years and still got so much from it, again! Reading textbooks after years of practice is so useful, can’t stress this enough.22 May 2021

@Aquacold1 .@LearningSPARQL by @bobdc was my go-to SPARQL reference guide when developing the @Aquacold1 linked data question answering prototype for my studies. An excellent guide to the language. 11 Dec

@andrecastro0o Where would I be without @LearningSPARQL ? Such a great guide! Could not recommend it more to those wanting to learn but #rdf #sparql #semanticweb 14 Nov

@Carlos_F_Enguix An Excellent down-to-earth intro to the SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language or SPARQL. Bob DuCharme’s book is a must-have for those interested in the Semantic Web. 27 Mar

@CharlesMatthe12 Can't agree that the @wikidata query service is hard to learn. I learned SPARQL from it (assisted by Bob's book); I have trained others from it. It takes a couple of hours to get started: in line with wiki thinking, there is a quick way in. 3 Feb 2020

@namedgraph Definitely get the @LearningSPARQL book :) I think he also would recommend this video: https://youtube.com/
As for the HTTP protocol, the standard can be found here: https://w3.org/TR/
23 Sep

@tmtn The single most perfect resource out there for SPARQL is @bobdc's @LearningSPARQL. Get your hands on that book. I have a hardcopy, with tear-soaked, dog-eared, annotated, highlighted pages and I have never been willing to lend my copy to anyone 17 Aug

@tmtn Yes the ProgrammingHistorian one, and buy the @LearningSPARQL book by @bobdc - it's *amazing* 24 Jul 2019

@5555thats5fives this RDFS/OWL book feels dense... simple concepts are made difficult through unnecessary formality and "clarifications" borne not of the confusions that a fresh student might have but past technical debates between insiders. the o'reilly SPARQL book was way more straightforward 1 Aug

@KeithWheeles/ What I'm reading... https://www.amazon. com/Learning-SPARQL... 05 Mar

@tmtn cool. Fuseki is the one @bobdc uses in his amazing #SPARQL book (as I'm sure you already know). I love that book. 13 Feb

@novastaylor A great way to learn #RDF is with the @LearningSPARQL book by @bobdc. By learning how to query RDF with #SPARQL, you learn how it is all put together. Excellent book. 25 Jan 2018

@safaribot People dig "Learning SPARQL, 2nd Edition" by Bob DuCharme on @safari https://www. safaribooksonline.com/ library/view/learning-sparql-2nd/978144937144905 Nov 2017

@Michael_A_Gavin Reading your book literally right now 04 Nov 2017

@dominicbordelon i'm not really SPARQL-conversant, maybe one day i will be, but i like the "learning SPARQL" book by o'reilly 19 Jul

@vmdbks I'm repeating what others have said, but I recommend the @ProgHist tutorial and the @LearningSPARQL book. 19 Jul

@cm_harlow semantic web for the working on ontologist has a decent chapter on it. the o'reilly learning sparql book has gotten praise from colleagues 19 Jul

@PaulineData Recommended by @emcandre > Check out this book: "Learning SPARQL: Querying and Updating with 1 Apr

@ash_crow #vendredilecture : j'ai entamé @LearningSPARQL ... Fun fact : ce matin dans le métro un mec m'a vu le lire et m'a posé plein de questions... 7 Oct

@rossjones @LearningSPARQL 20% of the way through, all making sense so far. Great book. Thanks. 10 Sep

@garner@rossjones gizza shout if your want anything. I learned it in June, really enjoyed it (and the Ducharme book is great) 08 Sep

@jervenbolleman @tbrittoborges @egonwillighagen @LearningSPARQL is the book to get! See https://www.youtube.com/ playlist?list=... and @biohackathon https://www.youtube.com/ results?search...1 Jul

@salgo60 On page 40 of 258 of Learning SPARQL, by Bob DuCharme https://goodreads. com/user_status/sh.. 20 Apr

@garner @psd My bible was Learning SPARQL — that looks a bit more general, thanks. Given what I'm doing next week I should install Fuseki, though 4 Apr

@pumba_lt @ruthbrarian #RDF is not syntax, it's a data model - serializations are the syntax. I also recommend the @LearningSPARQL book. 22 Mar

Learning SPARQL cover

The W3C standard query language SPARQL is letting people access a growing collection of public and private data. Whether this data is part of a semantic web project or a combination of data from two relational databases on different platforms, SPARQL is making it easier to access this data using both open source and commercial software. "Learning SPARQL" teaches you how to use SPARQL 1.1 by starting you off with simple queries that demonstrate the language's query-by-example approach and then taking you through all the key features of the SPARQL 1.1 query and update languages. All example code is provided for you to run yourself with free software, and the book's table of contents and detailed index lets you use it as a reference book long after you've finished working through its examples.


Jan 22: Blog entry SPARQL and OWL on the command line—of my phone! Termux and rdflib on my Android phone.


Dec 18: Blog entry Web3 and Web 3.0 at OriginTrail An interview with CTO and co-founder Branimir Rakić

Nov 20: Blog entry SPARQL queries of git repository data If we're going to think of git data as a graph...

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Sep 25: Blog entry More Picasso paintings in one year than all the Vermeer paintings? Answering an art history question SPARQL.

Aug 28: Blog entry Learn RDF in Y minutes

Jul 31: Blog entry SPARQL and Instacart's Knowledge Graph Managing data quality.

Jun 19: Blog entry Generating websites with SPARQL and Snowman, part 2 building further on @Rhizome's excellent ArtBase SPARQL endpoint

May 22: Blog entry Generating websites with SPARQL and Snowman, part 1 with @Rhizome's excellent ArtBase SPARQL endpoint

Apr 30: Queries to explore a dataset Even a schemaless one.

Feb 27: Blog entry Taking some RDF beyond what it could do in a relational database Part 2 of 2.

Jan 30: Blog entry Converting Digital Humanities paper and conference metadata to RDF How and why.


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Sep 19: Blog entry Taxonomy management with SKOS Republishing an IBM developer works article.

Aug 20: Blog entry What else can I do with RDFS? Schemas can be a little fancier and even more useful with no need for OWL.

Jul 27: A "Data management for historians" course at Radboud University in the Netherlands includes "Learning SPARQL" as required reading.

Jul 25: Blog entry What is RDFS? And how much can a simple schema do for you?

Jun 27: Blog entry What is RDF? What can this simple standardized model do for you?

May 23: Blog entry Calling your own JavaScript functions from SPARQL queries More Jena arq fun!

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Mar 28: Blog entry Pulling Turtle RDF triples from the Google Knowledge Graph Even querying by type!

Feb 28: Blog entry Linking different knowledge graphs together Really linking them, not doing ETL.

Jan 24: An excellent compromise between schemas and "schemaless" development. An excellent compromise between schemas and "schemaless" development.


Dec 20: Blog entry Knowledge Graphs! Semantic Linked Knowledge Web Data Graphs?

Nov 22: Blog entry Using SPARQL to combine Wikidata and OSM triples Linking that data!

Oct 25: New blog entry GeoSPARQL queries on OSM Data in GraphDB Or, Querying geospatial data with SPARQL Part 2.

September 27: New blog entry Using SPARQL do to quick and dirty joins of CSV data Or data with other delimiters.

July 19: New blog entry The HTML interface to your SPARQL endpoint is not your SPARQL endpoint: Remember what the 'P' in 'SPARQL' stands for.

June 21: New blog entry Converting CSV to RDF with Tarql: Quick and easy and, if you like, streaming.

May 31: New blog entry SPARQL in a Jupyter Notebook: for real this time.

May 13: In a new Synaptica blog entry titled (Information about) Books about Information, Bob Kasenchak writes "Another standard reference, DuCharme’s Learning SPARQL is pretty definitively the go-to book for getting started with the eponymous RDF query language."

Apr 26: New blog entry Living in a materialized world Managing inferenced triples with SPARQL namespaces.

Mar 29: New blog entry Querying Wikidata for data that you just entered yourself after about four minutes.

Feb 23: New blog entry Populating a Schema.org dataset from Wikidata (Rock and Roll!) Spoiler alert: it's a CONSTRUCT query.

Jan 19: New blog entry One-click replacement of an IMDb page with the corresponding Wikipedia page (with some Python, JavaScript, and of course, SPARQL).


Nov 17: New blog entry Avoiding accidental cross products in SPARQL queries -- because one can sneak into your query when you didn't want it.

Sep 22: New blog entry Converting JSON to RDF -- any JSON at all.

Aug 25: New blog entry Custom HTML form front end, SPARQL endpoint back end.

Jul 13: A Korean translation of Learning SPARQL is now available!

Jun 30: New blog entry Querying geospatial data with SPARQL: Part 1..

May 12: New blog entry Converting JSON-LD schema.org RDF to other vocabularies.

Apr 21: New blog entry Exploring JSON-LD (And of course, querying it with SPARQL).

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Dec 31: new blog entry SPARQL and Amazon Web Service's Neptune database

Nov 19: new blog entry SPARQL queries of Beatles recording sessions: Who played what when?

Nov 12: According to a recent tweet, there is apparently a copy of Learning SPARQL in the Microsoft Redmond Library!

Oct 25: sparql.club continues to accumulate entries about big name institutions seeking SPARQL talent.

Jun 25: recent blog entries Instead of writing SPARQL queries for Wikipedia--query for them! and Creating Wide CSV files with SPARQL.

Apr 23: The Wikidata data model and your SPARQL queries

Mar 26: recent blog entries Getting to know Wikidata and Wikidata's excellent sample SPARQL queries.

Jan 22: Brand-name companies advertising for SPARQL talent on indeed.com: the sparql.club!


June 16: Google Scholar shows 99 citations to Learning SPARQL.

May 14: Once again, inspired by yet another silly claim that "No one in industry is using SPARQL," I recently pointed someone at a list of very well-known companies who have listed SPARQL under "skills" in job listings: NBC, Microsoft, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Vodafone, Turner Broadcasting, and many more. Follow @LearningSPARQL on Twitter for occasional news about big-name organizations looking for people who know SPARQL. (Nine days ago: Northrup Grumman.)


July 28: MarkLogic recommends "Learning SPARQL."

May 5: Sample data and queries used in the SPARQL in 11 minutes video: sparqlIn11Minutes.zip.

May 3: New video SPARQL in 11 minutes provides a brief introduction to RDF and SPARQL.

SPARQL in 11 minutes


October 7: New blog post Dropping OPTIONAL blocks from SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries shows how to use CONSTRUCT queries without OPTIONAL clauses to retrieve remote triples much, much faster.

May 30: review of "Learning SPARQL" by Ian Hopkinson at ScraperWiki.

March 25: review of "Learning SPARQL" in "I Programmer."

January 16: added a new section to the website running examples with TopBraid Composer.


December 17: Learning SPARQL is featured under "Book Watch" in I Programmer.

August 1: semanticweb.com interview about the second edition:A Look Into Learning SPARQL With Author Bob DuCharme

July 17: Second edition now available on Amazon and iTunes:

July 16: The second edition of Learning SPARQL is now available from O'Reilly in all formats!

June 25: An "early access" electronic version of the second edition is available on O'Reilly's website, and all editions of the the finished, edited version of it will be ready in a week or two.

June 2: A new, expanded edition of "Learning SPARQL" is on the way!


December 18: According to the BestBuy.com's Announcing BBYOpen Metis Alpha: Best Buy Product Catalog via Semantic Endpoints, "the Metis Alpha gives developers the ability to consume and query structured data via SPARQL (get up to speed with Learning SPARQL by Bob DuCharme), enabling the discovery of insight hidden deep inside the product catalog."

October 21: Only just now found David Witherspoon's review of "Learning SPARQL" from last November.

September 21: "Learning SPARQL" on the shelf at Blackwell's flagship store in Oxford, UK (founded 1879):

Blackwell's bookshelf

May 21: New review of "Learning SPARQL" by Julien Plu. (In French; scroll down a bit after following link.)


November 20: Read Liam Green-Hughes' review of "Learning SPARQL."

October 13: John Erickson (@olyerickson) has based the label for his new batch of homebrew on the cover of "Learning SPARQL":

September 28: I've only just learned that you can buy the book through iTunes so that you can read it on an iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.

September 15: Read Dave McComb's review on semanticarts.com.

September 1: Read the "Free Yor Data" blog's review of the book.

August 8: "Learning SPARQL" is now available for the Kindle.

August 6: Read Shawn Day's review of "Learning SPARQL."

July 26: The ebook and print editions of "Learning SPARQL" are now available from O'Reilly, and print editions are available from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, maybe some more Amazons, and Barnes and Noble. (Borders says that it's on backorder, but I wouldn't hold your breath for that.)

July 15: The ebook version of "Learning SPARQL" is now available on the O'Reilly page! The print edition is scheduled to be available July 19th. Subscribe to the @LearningSPARQL twitter feed to stay updated on the book and on other SPARQL news.

older tweets about "Learning SPARQL"


@djwijit I just bought: 'Learning SPARQL' by Bob DuCharme via @amazon http://www.amazon.com/ dp/1449371434… 5 Dec

@RemiVergnon Going through @bobdc's Learning SPARQL book, very useful and brings light to a previously pretty confusing topic 2 Nov

@JaySDuc Meant to be a great book = Learning SPARQL 2nd edition by Bob DuCharme - (5/5) Ideal introduction to Semantic Web technologies and standards 29 Oct

@caschwartz @andersoncliffb @LearningSPARQL looking forward to reading about and using SPARQL (finally!) 14 Oct

andersoncliffb *Learning SPARQL* reading group will meet from 12 to 1 pm on Mondays starting 9/28. All welcome! @baskaufs @fhwehbe @suellenshye @trisaratop 14 Sep

@andersoncliffb Anyone interested in joining me and @suellenshye as we read Learning SPARQL (http://www. learningsparql.com) together? 10 Sep

@kal_ahmed Good idea Bob. Hey everyone @bobdc's @LearningSPARQL is *the* best follow-up to the @nwplanet webinar! 6 Aug

@sf433 Learning SPARQL has been freeing; your RDF is now our RDF. Now I just need some better programming skills to go with the query language. 3 Aug

@jeffpuuri @bobdc You are welcome! Between Learning SPARQL and your blog posts I keep finding great info to support my ongoing research efforts. Thx! 22 Jun

@Ggiuseppe_costa @LearningSPARQL it helped! Many thanks! 25 Mar

@prototypo The book Learning SPARQL by @bobdc has been added to http:// LinkedDataDeveloper.com @LearningSPARQL 24 Mar

@Basu_kalloli If you were ever confused about #semanticweb then @LearningSPARQL has an awesome second chapter explaining it in depth and #SPARQL as well ! 8 Mar

@tannerwi Just finished reading Learning SPARQL cover-to-cover. Great job! Just need my GraphDB Workbench access and I am set 27 Feb

@semanticbot And now reading http://amzn.to/ 1G2n6K4 18 Feb


@stuartbrown @tannerwi it's brilliant, taught me so much! try queries at http://bit.ly/YwUk4s to run on http://bit.ly/YwUx7L 10 Sep

@tannerwi Just got a copy of "Learning SPARQL" by @bobdc . Got some fun nights ahead of me as I try to get a grip on SPARQL. 9 Sep

@cm_harlow @ruthbrarian the o'reilly learning sparql book was a good general intro though. 2 Sep

@atdy3 Learning SPARQL Bob DuCharme ¥876 http://j.mp/1h9dkaW #キンドル #BobDuCharme 47 27 Jun

@tombaker @bobdc - will teach @learningsparql at #skku #ischool (Seoul) in Fall. Great book! 19 Jun

@wohnjalker Pleasant surprise to see conversion to #DITA as an example for processing #SPARQL #XML results in @LearningSPARQL @bobdc 18 Jun

@IanHopkinson_ @bobdc enjoyed Learning SPARQL! Writing review and applying new found knowledge on this project: http://www.newsreader-project.eu/ 23 May

@kendall @interfluidity Learning SPARQL by @bobdc is good place to start. 2 Feb

@peteaven @bsletten really like what I read of the 1st ed. Had to put it down and didn't realize it'd been so long. Upgraded and starting over. 14 Jan

@peteaven was excited to start reading the 2nd edition of @LearningSPARQL, but when I saw the @bsletten endorsement, i just got crazy hyped! 14 Jan


@j_young1522 @LearningSPARQL This book is great for a person studying SPARQL. 28 Oct

DanCarey_404 5 of 5 stars to Learning SPARQL by Bob DuCharme http://bit.ly/1huN1Mz 13 Oct

@billglennon I just bought: 'Learning SPARQL' by @bobdc @LearningSPARQL! Looking forward to reading it! 18 Sep

@mpetyx I just bought: 'Learning #SPARQL' by Bob DuCharme via @AmazonUK amzn.to/1b0WTzd 10 Sep

@fgeorges Just heard in the office, about @bobdc 's SPARQL book: "I haven't been so excited about a book for 4 or 5 years...!" 2 Sep

@the_admiralgee @LearningSPARQL Yours! Definitely a good move, very helpful book. 12 Aug

@beeafz WOW: Learning SPARQL, 2nd Edition 8 Aug

@netlabsorg Finished reading of the new edition of Learning SPARQL by @bobdc - all you need to know about SPARQL, recommended! 1 Aug

@OracleChemist @bobdc I have that book! It's very good. I'm working with OWLIM and it has helped tremendously. 31 Jul

@mdubinko Just picked up the 2nd edition Early Release of @bobdc's Learning SPARQL. Recommended. 26 Jun

@peteaven Reading Learning SPARQL http://learningsparql.com/ and trying out queries and capabilities in the #MarkLogic 7 EA release #awesome 1 May


@krishnanandnb @bobdc by the way Bob your book learning SPARQL thought me more about semanticweb that just SPARQL. my guru recommends it for everybody. 13 Oct

@SPARQLr "Learning SPARQL" book arrived this morning, goal this evening is to write my first query! I also need to get rid of my twitter egg :( 24 Sep

@philarcher1 Just want to say thank you to @bobdc for writing the SPARQL book in such a way as to quickly return true for all my "can I do this" queries. 7 Sep

@tayfou Je viens d'acheter : Learning SPARQL' de Bob DuCharme via @amazonkindle http://amzn.to/NDugIy 15 Aug

@usyd_dpa Nice introduction to SPARQL and linked data in "Learning SPARQL" http://tiny.cc/z3ggiw 3 Aug

@SindiceTech @LearningSPARQL @duncan_ids @timdavies we bought a good number of copies ourself :) 18 Jul

@stefroelandt Great book! @nopiedra: RT @jaymyers: "Learning SPARQL" is the latest addition to our developer bookshelf \cc @bobdc pic.twitter.com/n8t1agLY 8 Jun

@MatthewJBrown @jaymyers It's the best. It has Timbaland example queries. @bobdc FTW. 8 Jun

@jaymyers "Learning SPARQL" is the latest addition to our developer bookshelf \cc @bobdc @learningsparql pic.twitter.com/XUSkpLxp 8 Jun

@monkeychap @theno23 recommended http://www.amazon.com/Learning-SPARQ . for new recruits .#SemTechBiz. 5 Jun

@websunivalle Recomendado para aprender a usar SPARQL. http://www.learningsparql.com 9 May

@mcordioli Is the age of #sparql. Reading http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920020547 learning sparql 22 Apr

@Youdaman @_aaronackerman_ I recommend O'Reilly books Programming the Semantic Web and Learning SPARQL -- this stuff is the next wave for data and www 14 Apr

@zazi__ Finally a hot UK import arrived @ my home "Learning SPARQL" written by Bob DuCharme (@bobdc) #SPARQL #LinkedData #QueryLanguage #SemanticWeb 9 Mar

@FicoYPlaca Mi nueva biblia es Learning SPARQL. :) 21 Feb

@jendas Zajimalo by me, kde O'Reilly bere ty zvirata. http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/learning-sparql/id452522826?mt=11 http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/practical-rdf/id396872094?mt=11 17 Feb

@Youdaman Bob DuCharme: semweb, xml etc. http://bit.ly/zoMHhJ -- Semantic Web (and XML) stuff by @bobdc, the author of Learning SPARQL (good book btw) 27 Jan

@blakeAlbion I just bought: 'Learning SPARQL' by Bob DuCharme via @amazon http://t.co/w43tnolg 12 Jan

@knutkj if you want to learn bout #RDF then start with Learning #SPARQL and then continue with Programming the #Semantic #Web . both from O'Reilly. 2 Jan


@stuartbrown @bobdc thanks! just working my way through your sparql book at the moment. great work! practicing on data.open.ac.uk 30 Dec

@knutkj reading Learning #SPARQL .. #semantics #web .. 28 Dec

@jindrichmynarz Finished reading "Learning SPARQL" by @bobdc. It was a good primer for #SPARQL. http://bit.ly/rpfM6t 6 Dec

@jindrichmynarz "Learning SPARQL" finally got a nice LCC notation: QA76 .73 .S63 D84 2011 29 Nov

@gb_Lucas Today I finished Bob DuCharme's really nice book about semantic databases. Check it at http://learningsparql.com @chemeris #learningsparql 28 Nov

@olyerickson Including cover shot of @bobdc's "Learning #SPARQL" book in lecture slides... 17 Nov

@gb_Lucas No sólo hay que abrir datos sino hacerlo en modo adecuado para poder relacionarlos - SPARQL http://learningsparql.com/ #periodismodatos 16 Nov

@WebDeveloper1 @LearningSPARQL Thanks for a great and useful book. 13 Nov

@wholewheattoast Reading through bits of Learning SPARQL and several simple great ideas to improve our implementation at ORM jumped out at me. 31 Oct

@liamgh Enjoying the "Learning SPARQL" book, but it is slow going as there is a *lot* of information in it. 12 Oct

@dbalwani Enjoying reading Learning SPARQL. 26 Sep

@WebDeveloper1 @LearningSPARQL A very helpful book. Easy to follow and inspiring me to try different things. 17 Sep

@paul_houle http://bit.ly/mqJhpH <- "Learning SPARQL" is an instant classic, up there with "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist" 15 Sep

@JPMenez Just finished reading @bobdc 's @LearningSPARQL Awesome for learning #Sparql 1.1 #Recommended 8 Aug

@zbeauvais Because I can't get online, I'm reading the @LearningSPARQL book. Good stuff. 3 Aug

@woodwardjd about half way through @LearningSPARQL - well worth it for a novice, with plenty of tidbits still for the intermediate. 27 Jul

@jaymyers starting in on @bobdc 's learning sparql http://oreil.ly/nB9jLb, will be a good read for all semtech enthusiasts 15 Jul